Customer notifications:
Reinforcing the customer relationship

Privacy notices. Office relocations. Service platform conversions requiring your customer to take action. When communications are mandated, they also offer opportunity — the chance to strengthen customer relationships through carefully crafted, personalized customer change communications.

Enhance the value of customer notifications

Service and account changes, annual and situation-specific required notifications, platform conversions, mergers and more — all these offer valuable right-now opportunities to enhance customer relationships for the long term. When offices are relocating, interest rates are changing, and product benefits are expiring, EdgeMark Partners’ skilled communications teams can help you share the news concisely and well.

With years of experience managing regulatory customer notifications mailings of all sizes, from a few hundred to several million, we can help you communicate legally required messaging simply and clearly, highlighting benefit and opportunity for your customer. The result? You’ll reassure your customer during times of change, when the risk of losing that customer is potentially at its highest. And you’ll encourage your customers’ compliance with any requested actions, while inviting confidence and trust in your customer relationships. Working together with your team, and guided by your legal & compliance experts, we can develop or refine content, design cost-efficient, data-driven formats, and deliver all required information in your own corporate voice — appropriately branded, highly personalized and meeting all mandated deadlines.

Our regulatory customer communications experience includes:

Annual regulatory mailings – Required communications, including privacy policy mailings and changes in terms and pricing, offer opportunities to reinforce relationships and build trust with your valued customers through communications that are simple, clear and reassuring.

Branch closings & consolidations – Our experience managing multi-branch required customer notification programs helps make customer next-steps clear and the communication process stress-free for you.

Service access changes – We’ll help you lead customers through service changes using easy-to-follow, cost-effective formats and simple language, with the goal of improving customer compliance rates and taking pressure off customer service centers.