The power of production:
Bringing creative to life

Creative is more than words wrapping images, compelling action in data-driven designs. It’s engaging package formats, intriguing envelopes, cost-saving lettershop and postal strategies — all things driving response. All things production.

Creative thinking. Expert execution.

Production is a creative process at EdgeMark. With nearly three decades’ direct mail production experience and a team of talented production managers, we know “creative” is more than creative strategies and concepts. It’s also utilizing innovative production techniques, data-directed technologies, and skillfully chosen products and resources to empower creative strategies and bring our clients the best return for their marketing investment.

Creative thinking energizes our production planning and drives our execution strategies. It finesses the mail production process to run finished art more efficiently and make the best use of resources. It devises new formats that intrigue and engage. It ensures print quality that “pops” the art and moves the reader to action. It saves postal dollars and tracks each program from mail date to mailbox. It’s every production step that drives your valuable campaign into the hands — and heads — of your targeted audience … and it’s creative from start to finish.

Our experienced Production Services Group leverages …

Direct mail production planning & execution strategies, selecting resources and planning processes to deliver on time and on budget, regardless of project size or complexity. We provide:

  • Data-driven package designs and custom communications programming,
    enabling personalized content planning and budget-sensitive package options
  • Custom-designed direct response campaigns
  • Innovative test formats to challenge existing control packages
  • Connections to the latest in production materials and technology

Print procurement and production management, leveraging print and lettershop experience, variable content technology, and industry knowledge to ensure a quality product, always at an attractive price, by utilizing a full range of capabilities, including…

  • Laser, inkjet and digital personalization
  • Roll-to-roll, sheet-fed, and in-line production
  • Camera match, intelligent inserting, jumbo inserting

Mail services management, overseeing:

  • Package design formatting to maximize postal dollars, in line with USPS guidelines
  • Postal optimization strategies — including commingling, drop shipping, and local entry
  • Mail tracking technologies, matched to project need

Resource specialties — identifying and matching resource capabilities to campaign requirements, including component specialties, production and lettershop capabilities, and more. Extensive resources provide us with exceptional flexibility in delivering on complex projects within tight time frames — including highly personalized, multi-component specialty packages.

When it comes to production, we’re a custom shop.

With years of experience managing complex direct mail marketing programs, we specialize in custom-packaging our services to meet clients’ needs. When needed, we offer complete campaign services, from creative development to program execution — or we can serve as “an agency’s agency,” managing production and mail services for production-ready projects. We can assist with last minute edits, provide adjustments to final art at your direction — and provide collateral support any time.

Along the way, we work to streamline processes, meet all deadlines, and ensure a top quality product that gets attention and drives response —  all at a very competitive price. Our goal — delivering beyond expectations in everything we do.

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