Are you reading? Of course you are! Do you know why? When it comes to persuasive copy, “because” is a highly effective word. Several studies have shown that if you incorporate the word “because” when asking another person to do something, that person is more likely to accommodate your wishes, regardless of whether the reason is especially compelling.

Whether you’re a marketer concepting an email campaign or a business owner strategizing a more effective way to sell your services, this unassuming little word has the potential to help you move mountains.

Marketing guru Nancy Harhut discusses using “because” to boost email conversions in her recent presentation “9 Insanely Effective Email Tactics You Can Use Tomorrow.” According to Harhut, social science researchers at Harvard University discovered the word “because” was a compliance trigger. A “compliance trigger” does exactly what it says—it literally “triggers” you to comply, without you thinking much about it. Your brain transitions into being agreeable almost instantly.

This isn’t random. As a society, we’re accustomed to a legitimate reason following the word “because.” So when we hear that word, our brain quickly accepts the logic that follows, without more detailed information. It allows us to make a favorable snap decision.

In short, in marketing, it’s always important to tell your customers “why.”

“Click here because we offer cheaper, high quality products.”

“Click here because we can help you get your work done faster,
so you can focus on other things.”

That may not sound very sexy, but that’s not the point. You’re giving your customer a good reason, and then that compliance trigger subconsciously influences them to act in your favor.

The wonderful thing about “because” is the simplicity of it. In a time where there’s so much competition out there to get noticed that you may feel like you need to offer a free steak dinner just to get a prospect to “click to find out more,” the real pathway to conversion might be as easy (and cheap) as one benign little word.

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