We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

The #1 way to stay in front of your donors and prospects all year long is by gifting them with a wall calendar.

Why wall calendars for marketing?

People love wall calendars! Especially when the calendar is high quality print.

Promotional wall calendars…

keep your brand messaging in front of your donors and prospects year-round

are practical and unlikely to be discarded

promote customer loyalty

are entirely customizable, based on your marketing needs

stay in sight for a year—and can become a keepsake or be saved as a reference

can be given away for promotions, increasing your brand exposure beyond your initial recipient

are extremely cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk

Why print your customized, promotional wall calendars with EdgeMark?

EdgeMark has 34 years of experience producing and shipping direct mail.

We can facilitate the entire calendar production process for you, start to finish.

We inventory large volumes of paper and rely on state-of-the-art high-speed presses for fast production times, outstanding quality, and reduced paper costs.

Ready to put a wall calendar on your client’s wall? 

Promotional wall calendars go above and beyond to support your company’s marketing goals. The calendars your share with your donors will burst with vibrant color and be filled with sharp, detailed images, ready to be displayed all year long.

Promotional Wall Calendars are customizable and take some planning.

Give John Weeks a call at (804) 967-2000 ext. 106 to get started. Whether you have your art ready to go or need to brainstorm ideas, EdgeMark is here for you when you need us.