While areas of the country are starting to relax “stay at home” mandates and people are slowly venturing back out, many consumers are still opting to purchase products and services online. To meet customer needs, marketers have moved online, too. With so many companies trying to connect with consumers digitally, standing out has become even more challenging in an already oversaturated medium.

Sending direct mail to consumers is a smart way to get around all the noise. There’s less mail in the mailbox—this has become the norm, but now there’s even less mail as companies reduce their marketing budgets or pause their marketing efforts altogether. The few pieces of mail consumers are receiving don’t have “noise” to compete with. Plus, there’s the fact consumers actually enjoy getting mail! There’s plenty of research on how consumers like direct mail, such as how the tactile experience of receiving a piece of mail makes the communication easier to recall, and how people take it more seriously. Not to mention, when you’re stuck at home, just going to the mailbox is a pleasure these days.

Adding direct mail to your marketing efforts can help you stand out with your targeted audience and keep you connected to your customers. But keep in mind—it takes more than just showing up in the mailbox. Your direct mail package should incorporate DM best practices in order to create the most impact—the right package type, smart design, and compelling copy create the best response.

Working with an experienced print production agency will ensure that your direct mail follows best practices. An agency can recommend affordable package design options to stay in (or under) your budget. With the right help, it can be surprisingly affordable, and the response rate is much higher than most digital channels.

Want to add direct mail to your marketing efforts? EdgeMark Partners knows the ins and outs of direct mail marketing, from developing creative to taking the piece through print production and mail distribution. Contact our Director of Business Development, John Weeks, to find out more today.