Welcome to our new website! 2017 was a busy year for us—we went through a lot of positive growth and change, and we felt like it was time for a site refresh to reflect who EdgeMark is and where we’re going.

While production and direct mail remains our specialty, we’ve added digital marketing services to our lineup. We know direct mail has the highest response rate of all marketing channels. But we also know that rate can be even higher when supported by email and social media. We’re excited to move into the digital space and to offer a more robust marketing strategy to our clients.

We also continue to expand our expertise in data analytics and data management. All of our direct mail and digital marketing strategies are data driven. We test and measure, examine results, and tweak accordingly.

We wish you a happy and productive year ahead, and we invite you to check out the rest of our updated website and new services. We’d love to connect with you—now that you’ve heard about us, let us hear about you and what your goals are for 2018.

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