We have Christmas spirit here at this office (or at least the writer does). Here are some great ways to make your direct mail campaign more effective during the holiday season—as well as the rest of the year!

Make it festive

How? That’s EASY.

  • Grab attention with foil
  • Add interest with texture
  • Be generous with color
  • Incorporate fun shapes and designs
  • Go with a different shape for your overall mail piece—if you have a regular mailing audience, surprise them!

Offer, front and center

You need a great offer and you need to make it the center of your communications piece. Don’t use the same offer you use all year—this should excite the recipient and be something even more remarkable. Put the offer in your headlines and subheads. Make the offer clear, and what the customer needs to do to get it. This is the driving force behind your campaign.

Speaking of offers…

Give your highest discount. Give away a free gift with purchase. People allot more money to spend at this time of the year, so do your best to attract their attention.

Feelings—make your customer feel unique

Sure, they’re probably one of the thousands of names on your mailing list. But that doesn’t mean you have to make them feel like it. Make him or her feel special—consider giving them a personalized coupon (“only for your best customers!”) or an invitation to shop a sale early, perhaps with a greater discount. Going that extra mile to personalize your DM makes all the difference.

Add urgency

Make the call to action loud and clear. Use bold, include it in the copy more than once. This will urge the customer to hurry to take advantage of it!

These tips will help your direct mail campaign get more attention during a time of the year when companies are vying for customer dollars. If you need help brainstorming ideas for your DM campaigns (holiday or otherwise) give us a shout!