Every year, almost 37 million people move—11.2 percent of the U.S. population! In general, people change households every five to seven years, requiring them to find new local services and to create a new network of resources. New movers are looking for everything—grocery stores, coffee shops, fitness centers, banks, doctors, dentists, utilities, and more. They’re basically a “blank slate” ready to establish new shopping and buying habits, and they’re the perfect audience to introduce your brand to.

Fact: On average, new movers spend $10,000-12,000 during their move.

Because new movers represent potential loyal customers, many companies have marketing strategies dedicated just to them. Home Depot, Lowes, and Pottery Barn all have new mover programs, capitalizing on this demographic’s need for home goods. Other staple services, like banks, healthcare providers, grocery stores, and restaurants often have plans in place to connect with new movers, too.

If your business doesn’t target new movers but wants to start focusing on this lucrative group, here are some tips to developing a marketing strategy that gets results.

The early bird gets the worm.
The earlier you reach a new mover, the better. These individuals are actively seeking new services online before they move out of their old house and into the new one. So it’s important for your message to get there as soon as possible. For instance, when a health care organization reaches new movers before its competitors, that organization is five times more likely to retain those individuals as patients.

How can you get to new movers so quickly?
Data. The best way to find new movers and develop a marketing campaign is by working with an experienced marketing agency with advanced data analytics. It’s data that will hone your list of potential new mover acquisitions, narrowing down everything from singles and families, age range, income, and other essential characteristics important to targeting your audience.

Start early. Target your data. Target your message.

Use direct mail.
Direct mail remains the most powerful tool for engaging and acquiring new movers. Response rates for direct mail can be 40 times higher than the response rate for email blasts. So think about filling their new mailbox with friendly, helpful communications introducing your services. Including a map to your location helps too! Proximity is everything to new movers.

Premiums, like magnets, can increase the impact of your mailing.

Include an offer.
New movers spend a lot of money—ten to twelve thousand dollars on average, based on their move. These folks are looking for ways to save, and now is the time to offer a special deal. Studies show 80% of new movers redeem gift certificates from local vendors.

Consider offering grocery delivery with a one-time $100 coupon, a gift card for $100 when they sign up for free checking, or free meal to celebrate their move to the area—these are just some ideas, depending on your industry. Whatever the offer, the new mover will appreciate your generosity in the midst of their expensive endeavor.

Keep your name out there.
New movers have a thousand things on their mind. Repeated direct mail drops, from pre-move to post-move, combined with online marketing channels (email, ads) can help you stay relevant during this process and increase your response rate.

Don’t let them forget you!

Test and refine
Once you start implementing a new movers campaign, measure what’s working and what’s not. What do new movers respond to positively? What gets less feedback, or worse—none? As you gain insight from your results, refine your future campaigns for optimal success.

Overall, it’s smart to include new movers in your marketing strategy. They need everything, from blinds to a new favorite donut shop to emergency room care. With careful planning, you can turn these new movers into loyal customers for years to come. And they will appreciate you making it easy for them during a time that can be exciting, but also stressful.



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