Listen up. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

We’ve gotten some of our biggest clients from our postcard mailings.

Yes—you read that right. Our postcards. We send one out about once a month. Sometimes we send a series. We like to mix it up: we might send a postcard that focuses on what services we offer to make your professional life easier, and the next one might focus on a business issue, like the paper shortage, or a direct marketing trend. At the beginning of the year we like to play around with the Pantone color of the year, and around Thanksgiving one certain copywriter starts pushing turkey-related ideas to have some fun.

Postcards may seem small and simple compared to other, more substantial direct mail packages that include multiple pieces. But, when done right, these communications can pack a powerful punch for a very affordable price and keep you in front of your customer.

Is a postcard the right choice for your business?

This depends on your goals and your message. If the communication objective is complicated (let’s say you’re asking for donations, so you need to include longer copy and a return envelope, or you’re selling insurance, which requires a more in-depth explanation and an application) then obviously a postcard is not the way to go. But if your message is simple, and your goal is to create brand awareness and generate leads, a postcard is a great solution.

Postcard advantages

Postcards are like mini-billboards.

Once you grab it out of the mailbox, it’s really hard to miss the message, even if you’re just sorting the mail for recycling. There’s no need to lure the recipient in with an envelope teaser. Because of this, postcards are super efficient communicators.

Postcards are fun.

Small postcards can be intriguing because they’re unexpected, oversized postcards always stand out. Bright colors and smart use of space and copy make it easy for the recipient to digest your intent quickly.

Postcards are concise.

There’s not as much space as a full package offers, so there’s no room for excess. And that’s okay! Most of the time we marketers want to say more than we need to, and most people only skim a little bit. The postcard forces us to focus on what’s important and none of the fluff.

Postcards are cheap.

That is, compared to a full blown letter package. If you have a small budget and want to reach lots of people, this is a great way to do it.

Postcards are easy to create and produce.

If you need to get something in the mail quick, creating the postcard and the print and mail process will be much quicker and easier than a package with lots of inserts.

Obviously, we love our postcards. They’re a great tool for connecting with customers and prospects, keeping your name out there, creating brand awareness, and communicating offers. If you’re not using direct mail right now, adding postcards to your mix is a great way to get started!