Direct mail has a very high response rate (see our article on the DMA report here) which means it’s a great way to market to customers. To get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to carefully plan your DM campaign and to develop measurable goals for success. Here are some tips to make the most out of your DM plan:

Pinpoint your target customer

If you don’t already have a customer profile (or several) now is the time to start developing one. Think about who would buy your service or product. Consider age, gender, location, and economic status. You’ll need to know this information to create your messaging and offer.

Get a mailing list

With your customers in mind, get a mailing list that is qualified (meaning the names and addresses are up-to-date and the people on it are interested in what you have to offer). Targeting your mail list means you don’t waste time and money sending your package to people who don’t care.

Choose a format

When it comes to DM, there are many different mail formats—for instance, postcards, self mailers, and letter packages, just to name a few. Your message and offer, as well as your audience and budget, should inform your decision.

Once you have a format, it’s time to consider design elements. Font, color, imagery—all of these have an impact on your recipient. (And don’t forget the OE! You have to get them into the piece to even see it.)

Make your message clear

Good copywriting is essential to your mail piece. It should contain a brief sales pitch, and explain the nuts and bolts of what the customer needs to know. What is the offer? What action is the recipient supposed to take? And by what date? All of these basics should be included, clear, and easy to find.

Include a tempting offer

Recipients are motivated by offers. Whether it’s 25% off or a free sample, if you want people to act, they need an incentive. The offer should be loud and clear in your design and messaging.

Make it easy to reach you

Your web address, phone number, and any other contact information should be clearly visible. Don’t make your potential customer jump through hoops.

Hire a good printer

The cheapest price is not always the best price. Shoot for quality with a reputable printer.

Don’t forget to review your proofs from the printer!

This cannot be stressed enough. Once it’s printed, you can’t go back. Don’t sign off on proofs without reviewing them for mistakes first. That includes spelling, color correctness, and graphics.

Don’t try to mail it yourself

Your printer may offer mailing services which will make the job and your life easier. Don’t try to do this all on your own—knowing the ins and outs of mailing can save you bundles on your bottom line.

Use social media in conjunction with your DM

Social media posts offer another way (which can be free!) to spread your message to prospects and customers. Don’t be afraid to use your DM to send your customer online, and vice versa (watch out for our coupon in the mail!)

Direct mail is a smart way to connect with customers today. It cuts through the clutter of online marketing and, when done right, can be totally cost-effective. If you don’t regularly incorporate this type of marketing, consider using a full service agency that does. A direct mail agency like EdgeMark can help you develop the creative, obtain a prospect list, and guide you through the printing and mailing process.