Direct mail has one of the highest response rates compared to other marketing channels. Which makes it great for communicating with your clients and prospects! Here are three easy, actionable ways to get more out of your direct mail every single time:

Target your audience

Make sure you’re mailing to an audience interested in what you have to offer. You may have your own house list you’ve created from collecting customer information over time. It’s easy to expand your audience by purchasing targeted mailing lists that allow you to pinpoint potential customers by demographics or certain traits. A good direct mail production company can help you develop a strong list that works for your company.

A direct mail production company with an experience data analytics team can take your list a step further, making sure you don’t have duplicate addresses and updating your list.

There’s not enough we can say about having a laser-focused, up-to-date mailing list.

Invest in your message

Another way to say this is don’t skimp on the copywriting. Direct mail has a high response rate but it also costs more to produce—and, once it’s printed, you can’t fix mistakes. A professional copywriter can make sure your communication is clear and effective—and if it’s not, they will work with you to fill in missing information. They can also serve as editors—errors can make your communication (and your company) look unprofessional, so it’s best to avoid even the most minor grammatical faux pas.

When thinking about your communication, consider the overall message and goal.

    • Do you want the recipient to donate money?
    • Join your organization?
    • Open a new credit card?

That seems obvious enough—but the big question is what would motivate someone to do that? And, once they recipient is motivated, how do they do it? What’s the process? You need to include instructions (for instance, go online to apply, or send this form back through the mail) as well as a deadline. A deadline, or even a suggested date, motivates people to act, unlike an open-ended offer. A date creates a much-needed sense of urgency.

Incorporate effective design

A great graphic designer is worth their weight in gold. A good designer can help you determine the right package format for your mailing, something that will appeal to the recipient and help you save on costs.

Once the format is decided on, the design works hand-in-hand with copy to communicate overall messaging. Smart design incorporates visual queues that subtlety move readers from point A to point B through the package, leading them toward a final action. Design supports copy the way copy supports design—each element influences the other for an overall effect. Design without words isn’t effective; copy without design can be flat and boring. With artfully implemented design, copy is easier to understand and digest. Design also calls out important information and emphasizes instructions, dates, URLS, and more.

You can also think of design on a broader level: it’s a visual interpretation of your brand that integrates your logo, font, company colors, and imagery style in a way your customer can quickly recognize as your own. Like copy, mistakes or shoddy design work can be seen as unprofessional and make your company seem less trustworthy.

 Work with an experienced print production agency

Partnering with a production agency puts all the resources you need at your fingertips, all under one roof, from your hammering out your mail list to navigating the ins and outs of production. Incorporating this kind of expertise can save you both time and money and increase your overall response rate.

If you’re embarking on a direct mail program, or your program could use an experienced eye,  contact EdgeMark today. We’re happy to listen to your plan and offer you seasoned advice on how to make the most of your strategy.