~ June 5, 2023 ~

As y’all know from your avid reading of our blog posts 😉 the USPS 2023 promotions offer great options to help you save on your direct mail campaigns.

Today, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive Engagement (TSI) promotion.  

The TSI promotion is all about grabbing the attention of your recipients through their senses by integrating a specialty ink, a sensory treatment, or an interactive element into your mailpiece. Think fun, colorful, and unexpected! Here are some elements to consider using in your TSI piece—

Thermal inks

Conductive inks


Metallic & optically variable inks

Textured paper

Scent markings

Visual effects

Three-dimensional elements


Scratch offs

Zip strips

Clean release cards

Trailing edge die cuts

Infinite folding

The TSI promotion encourages customer interaction and engagement.

People experience the world through the five senses, and a tangible marketing piece that engages those senses is going to stand out. It’s certainly going to be memorable and may even get pinned to a bulletin board or stuck to a refrigerator as a constant reminder that you’re out there! There is every reason to consider incorporating tactile, sensory and interactive elements to your mailpiece for this promotion, as well as your DM campaigns in the future.

The TSI promotion in a nutshell—

  • Savings potential:  5% discount off at postage statement line level
  • Requirements:  integrate a specialty ink, a sensory treatment, or an interactive element with your mailpiece
  • Eligible Mailpieces:  Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail™ letters and flats; First-Class Mail® letters, cards, and flats; USPS Marketing Mail™ letters and flats
  • Runs through July 31, 2023


The Tactile, Sensory and Interactive promotion has specific requirements that include eligible and ineligible tactics.

If you’d like help, EdgeMark is highly experienced with USPS promotions—when we produce and mail your DM campaign, we can ensure your mailpiece follows the requirements so you don’t have to think it. We can also get on board early and help you design a package that will delight the senses of your donors! Contact us today to get started.