After our last post about marketing to Millennials, we received some questions from our readers about marketing to Generation Z. No matter what your business is, it’s never too early to start anticipating your next customer group.

Who is Gen Z?

Generation Z was born after 1995 and will reach adulthood around 2020. They make up 25.9% of the population in the United States. Gen Z is supposedly less focused than any other generation, but they process information faster because they’ve grown up in the digital world.

Thanks to their digital upbringing, they are superior multi-taskers, able to write a paper on their laptop while researching on their tablet, watching a television show, and messaging with friends at the same time.

How do you grab Gen Y’s attention?

 Jump into social media

If you want to find Gen Z, head online. That’s where this generation has grown up and that’s where they hang out now. Any sales strategy for Gen Z should focus heavily on social and mobile, with multiple touch points. The messaging should be individualized and straightforward, and use various formats (video, pictures, stories).


Don’t forget to include WIIFM—what’s in it for me? Gen Z, like any other consumer, wants to know how your product benefits them.

Treat them well

This group of consumers is big into individuality. They don’t like to be categorized or grouped. They love social media stars even more than celebrities, and they feel connected to these “famous” people because of the sense of community social media fosters. In turn, Gen Z feels special, and they want to be catered to. If a company or brand isn’t loyal, Gen Z will move on.

Personalize, personalize

Personalization is becoming increasingly important in marketing regardless of generation. And Gen Z will expect it. It’s no surprise that personalizing their experience with your brand will be key. With advances in data, this will become easier and easier for marketers.

Get to the point

Gen Z has a short attention span. They are used to getting things fast, and that includes information. So don’t waste their time (they won’t let you, anyway). Whatever your main message is, and your call to action, make it is short and clear.

Provide a great bargain

This group likes a bargain. Perhaps that’s due to growing up during the 2008 great recession. Whatever the reason, they’re likely to respond to coupons and sales. They also comparison shop for the best deals.

Use flawless technology

Gen Z researches everything. Your business should be easy to find online—make the content clear and concise. Your website and your advertising should be up-to-date with the latest technology since Gen Z is a constantly updated generation. Make sure your marketing is phone and tablet ready, too.

Don’t forget direct mail

Like their Millennial counterparts, Gen Y has a fondness for good old-fashioned mail. While Gen Y is perfectly at home in their busy online world, where everyone is competing for their attention, direct mail stands out from all that noise. A relevant message combined with online elements like hashtags, QR codes, and your company’s social media URLs will increase your opportunity to connect with these Gen Z customers.

Overall, the most unique feature of Gen Z is their relationship with technology. And the key to reaching them is a multi-channel marketing strategy using a compelling message crafted to their individual interests.