Did you know nonprofit organizations receive the most donations between October and December? That means it’s time for nonprofits to kick off their end-of-the-year fundraising strategy!

The fourth quarter is upon us, ushering in the holiday season, when people reach even deeper into their pockets to donate to their favorite cause (or any cause that strikes their fancy at the moment).

Why does the generosity bug strike at this time of the year? Reasons vary. For one thing, it makes people feel good to help others. Holiday spirit may be the inspiration. Or reasons might be less emotional and more logical, like taking advantage of end-of-the year tax write-offs.

Whatever the reason for increased donations, it’s your chance to make the most of this generosity. These strategies can help you end the year with a bang comparable to New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Decide on your goal and your “why.”

Share your “why” with your donor base. This is the hard ask, but if you don’t make it clear what you’re asking for and why you’re asking for it, it will be difficult to get donors on board.      

 You can share this information through:

 Direct mail—the traditional nonprofit workhorse gives you plenty of space to explain your goals and mission, tell a story, and break down information so donors can get on board.

 Email—email is a great companion to direct mail, reiterating your message and linking donors to more information on your website

 Social Media—SM allows you to continue promoting your campaign, sharing more information about it, telling stories, and increasing your reach.

Tip: DM consistently receives the highest response.

Go for the heart—the story

Some people say food is the way to the heart, but in nonprofit marketing, stories are. To get donors in the giving mood, make sure your end-of-the-year campaign highlights a compelling story (or stories). Include your story when you introduce the campaign and in all of your communication touchpoints.

Tip: Remember to combine your story with powerful images.

Reach out to donors with direct mail

Nonprofit giving is such a personal space. Many donors do feel a personal connection to the cause they give to. That’s why this is a great space to reach out with a direct mail package. While social media gives easy direct access to donors 24/7, online communication is so overused it can cause burnout. Direct mail is the “new” way to cur through the clutter and connect with your donor.

Tip: Use powerful imagery in your design and tell a compelling story with your copy.

Host an event

There’s no better time to get people together for your cause! Think about a Turkey trot, a Tacky Light 5k, a Jingle Bell walk, or any kind of event that takes advantage of the holidays. People love gathering for holiday festivities, especially if it’s for a good cause. Take advantage of this to spread awareness about your organization and your goals.

Tip: Expand your reach through bringing your community together.

This time of the year is so important financially that coming up with a solid strategy and executing it is essential. And the good news is, there are so many ways to excite and motivate your donors! If you need help brainstorming your strategy or executing one, we’re here to help. Let us put you on the right track this fall to a smashing end of the year success.