Blogs are wonderful marketing tools. They give you a platform to discuss your business at length, the services you offer, and the expertise you have. Blogs give you permission to write longer, more in-depth content, created especially for people who are looking for answers to questions.

One question a lot of people ask is how often should you post? Is there such thing as posting too little or too much? The answer is no and yes and it doesn’t matter. (What?!!)

One factor that influences how much you blog is simply the type of business you’re in. Are you in banking? Nonprofit fundraising? Marketing? Several times a week would be sufficient for these industries. Are you a lifestyle blogger? A content provider? A copywriter? Then you probably want to post everyday, or every business day.

There are no hard and fast rules on posting. I recently watched a webinar that suggested posting four times a week based on their research. Sites that posted this much got the most traffic and the highest return on investment.

Four times a week can be a bit of a challenge depending on how much time you have to commit to blogging—the research, writing, editing, formatting, and posting. If you have a large staff of writers who can contribute an article a week, this may be easy for your company to pull off. If you don’t have a staff of writers, or perhaps nary a writer at all, you can hire a freelance writer to post for you. Find out how we can help here.

When faced with posting multiple times a week, or even every day, the question is, what do you write about? Start your brainstorming process by researching what kind of information your customers are searching for online. Check out social media. What pain points do you see? What questions keep popping up?

When people land on blog posts, they’re usually trying to answer a question, increase their knowledge, or find a solution. Help them reach those goals. Quick Tip: make titles out of questions people are asking—it will help make your post easier to find. Keep the content relevant and fresh.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to how much you should post, although four times a week seems to be the golden egg. Write clearly and interject your personality and readers will keep coming back for more!

If your business isn’t taking advantage of blogging, you should think about how this can fit into your strategy. Find out how we can help.