Direct Mail has an incredibly high response rate and incorporating digital channels is only going to increase that rate. We’re all familiar with Facebook and Instagram and banner ads. But have you heard about USPS’s Informed Delivery tool?

Informed Delivery is a relatively new digital service that allows customers to sign up to receive a daily email showing images of the mail pieces they will receive that day. It uses the black and white photos taken during the sorting process and then lists those images in the email communication so customers know what to expect when they check their mailbox.

Since USPS introduced Informed Delivery in 2017, the number of people using the service continues to grow. As of this September 2019, 19,087,542 million people (and counting) are signed up for Informed Delivery.

  • 89% are satisfied or very satisfied with Informed Delivery
  • 93% would recommend Informed Delivery to family and friends

For marketers, Informed Delivery goes a step further. Marketers can choose to replace the generic black and white image of their mail piece with a color image, as well as include a “ride along image,” which is a direct link to their offer page. This allows customers to directly interact with your mail piece offer and respond faster.

At the same time, USPS is able to offer reporting (clicks by individuals) on your DM’s performance. This gives you important insight into your audience’s behavior and can help you narrow down who is interested in your offers so you can put more energy into those warm leads.

How Informed Delivery can help direct mail marketers

  • Reach more engaged customers—Informed Delivery email has a high open rate
  • Connect with customers digitally from their physical address
  • Generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece
  • Get faster responses—prospects can respond immediately online
  • Potentially increase ROI on your campaign
  • Measure your campaign’s performance to gain valuable insight to optimize your marketing efforts

If you haven’t heard of Informed Delivery or don’t know much about it, contact EdgeMark today. It’s a great way to add an interactive element to your direct mail and to get recipients to respond faster. It’s also phenomenal at giving you measurable data on how your customers are reacting.