When it comes to direct mail, there are countless steps between concepting the initial idea, blowing out the creative, personalizing, and mailing your package. At EdgeMark, we do it all, personalizing and mailing your package.

One good analogy for handling a lot of tasks—some of which are happening simultaneously—and hitting a target deadline is thinking about a general contractor building a house. There are a number of things that must be done, from developing a floor plan to laying a foundation, putting up the framework, building walls that create rooms, installing appliances, and finally adding finishes like molding, shelves, and paint (not to mention landscaping!) that make a house a home.

The general contractor does not take perform all of these tasks his (or her) self. Instead, he has a team of people working for him that makes it all happen. That’s how it works at EdgeMark. We have a creative team who can start your project from scratch, working with you to execute the package itself. Our creative team can also review existing packages and offer feedback on how to improve response rates and help you save money through the best package format. Our creative team can also simply give your package a look over to see if it needs any tweaks.

At the same time, our data team is reviewing your data and prepping it for the mail house. Your data will go through our EdgeMarkAdvantage process, which helps us identify potential issues. This allows us to make sure addresses are up to date and deliverable, duplicate records are eliminated, and that zip string qualification is maintained when using variable data. Our data team can also help you create a prospect list if you don’t already have one yourself.

Our production team will find the right printer and mailshop to fit your project. Not every job is right for every service provider, and we know which ones are going to best fit your project’s needs. Because we have such a wide network of service providers, we find it easier to find the paper you’re looking for, even when paper seems to be scarce! They’ll also set you up with the right postal logistics—strategizing the best way to ship and mail your campaign utilizing maximum discounts while ensuring optimized delivery.

The account management team is probably the most like the general contractor himself—our experienced account managers guide your project through the whole process, managing the creative, data, and production tasks into one finished product. And you can trust our team—they are all senior level managers with years of hands-on experience.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to build a house by yourself. It’s possible, of course, but it would take a lot more time and energy than having a team with a seasoned manager guiding the process. When it’s time for you to produce your direct mail campaign, call the experts and let us do the heavy lifting for you!