Hello again! Let’s dig into USPS’s Informed Delivery Promotion, which runs through December 31, 2023. There’s still plenty of time to take advantage of this promotion to save on your next DM campaign.

  • The discount is up to 4% of the postage
  • There’s a 0.5% discount for eDoc postage statement submitters
  • Eligible mail includes automated Non-profit letters and flats as well as First class mail with a full-service IMB


Get actionable results 

Launched by USPS in 2017, Informed Delivery combines the best of direct mail marketing with digital marketing to give you actionable results on your campaign. USPS customers who have enrolled in the service receive an email notification each day with images of the postal mail that will arrive in their mailbox.

Marketers can replace the basic black and white image USPS provides with a full color banner ad, images and links, which take the customer directly to the offer. If the customer is interested, they can click and act immediately online—in some cases before they even receive the physical DM package in their mailbox.

USPS continues to expand the capabilities of Informed Delivery, Now recipients can share offers on Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter, as well as through text and email. This gives marketers an even larger audience, potentially increasing ROI and adding more leads to your prospect list.

Increase customer engagement

It’s no surprise that organizations incorporating Informed Delivery into their direct mail campaigns report a significant rise in customer engagement. This amazing omni-channel marketing tool helps direct mail marketers:

  • reach more engaged customers—as of 2023, Informed Delivery reaches 54 million and that audience continues to grow
  • connect with customers digitally through their physical address
  • generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece
  • get faster responses—prospects can respond immediately online
  • potentially increase ROI on your campaign
  • measure campaign performance to optimize marketing efforts


Let us do the work

If you already incorporate Informed Delivery into your direct mail campaigns, that’s great! If you’re not, we encourage you to consider trying it out (especially right now with the discount).

When we handle producing your direct mail, we will ensure that the campaign meets all the USPS promotion requirements. Our data team will set up your Informed Delivery account and program your campaign(s) into the system. Then you’ll receive daily, updated results on your personalized dashboard. This data is a goldmine for direct mail marketers who previously did not have access to this kind of information!

Keep in mind, not every direct mail production management company is well versed in Informed Delivery or offers to set it up due to the time and effort involved. However, we believe Informed Delivery offers way too much valuable information and insight to ignore. We prioritize Informed Delivery as a vital part of client success.

Combine USPS promotions for extra savings

We might be able to shave more off the cost of your DM campaign postage by combining the Informed Delivery promotion with another USPS promotion, like Emerging and Advanced Technology.

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